26 March, 2009


The thoughts wander
With no reins to impede
I sit watching its path
And wonder when it would recede.

It slowly dances its way
To the sweet memoirs of youth,
Amidst cheery and fun filled days,
That brings a dreamy smile.

Now it lingers on those days
When I cherished my motherhood,
Absorbed in the charm and charisma
Of my treasured baby’s childhood.

When it traverse those days
Of tears and melancholy ,
It stops to bid a goodbye,
And wows never to cross again.

Thus the journey goes on,
To the unknown future,
I leash it ‘coz to live the present ,
Is wiser than to dream the future.

22 March, 2009

confessions of a TRUE lover

And i thought i was still in head over heels in love with him.
He was my ideal man,my dream,so i thought.
i was so entranced by his intelligence that i thought none could be like him..i followed him wherever he went,i traced his past from his college magazines and chose to learn the subject i thought he would like me to learn.I took his advice for my career and dreamt about him day and night..
little did i know that he never cared a bit for me..
i thought the world of him,and wowed that i shall never bring anyone so close as him to my heart,
and cried my heart out when he was married to pomp and power..
i was so sure that my love was divine,unexpecting ,and without any agenda and so must be an ideal love ,like that of the past historic lovers ,but there were two of them in love then ...i was sure i would reach my grave an old maid nurturing my undying love ..till ..
till.. i got into wed locks..
well this is another kind of love i told myself(by the way how many are there?)
and it took me only seconds to forget my past and fall in love again ..this time i was loved too..
ha this is heaven..
but what was that i had for him?i discovered it the day i met him again..
with grey and receding hairline,and not an iota of intelligence which i found endearing ,he was just an ordinary common man,and here i was basking in nonstop rain of affection .
i was sorry for myself for having spent such unyielding hours of contemplation.
but do tell me what were those feelings?is it a great joy to love or to be loved?
or how do we find out we are in love?my better half says its better not to analyse these feelings and just live the moment but am now sure that i can have one and only love and thats for my sweet spouse.

03 March, 2009

why blog?

Its been almost a year since i wrote my last poem,and today i was sort of determined that i should
write at least one hundred words a day..
Lots of thoughts been meandering in my mind and i just thought i shall jot down whatever comes in ..and the question that runs in my mind is ...why do i blog?
why do i want to make my thoughts known to others and i even take pains to inform all i know that they should visit and comment too.. cheeky eh?
But then is it not natural for human beings to crave for attention and to prove to the world they are a superior lot than the contemporaries?
let me ask this question to myself..why do i want to write something?may be i want to be called "ah she is something different ""ohh she has stuff"and all that...but no that is not the case..
I recently analysed that putting my thoughts in black and white might be an effort to find out some people who might also think like me and relate to them..
Had they faced the same circumstances and hardships and happy moments i am keen to know how they have reacted and also come out unscathed..
We human are always social animals and want everything to be related and in this vast blogger world it would be heartening to know that people do think alike and they do have the same experience and they too might have faced the same hard ships and there is a solidarity...
and a feel that"i am not alone "..
yes thats exactly what i want to learn and thats the reason i browse and follow a lot number of blogs and say to myself "dearie u are not the only person in this world ..and there are lot more like u ..so just relax " and so do i..
so why do i blog ?
at last its to relax my mind..
is it true ? lets find out ........