24 April, 2007


Plants !what can they do to us other than providing our daily veggies and flowers and helping the universe in green house effect??
Normally many of us never give a second thought to pause and admire a shoe flower.too fast a world and too techie drived we are ,satisfied with a waxy plastic flower, looking as good as original,fresh for generations.
But there do exist people like me who talk to and pamper plants.Sounds silly??No ! plants soothe our mind ;they have a way to talk to us ,respond and of course they do have life.
I can associate the way the plants bloom with my mood.the more i talk to them the more they seem to bloom and here is one hibiscus which always has a flower for me near the window sill greeting me every morning.
The other day i was so engrossed in a problem and too worried and was really
convinced that nothing could cheer me up;my legs took me to the garden by practise and there was this yellow rose in all its glory and my woes melted away looking at the beauty.this brought me even closer to my plants.love begets love ;and its true with plants too.


22 April, 2007


(was just wondering)
What is silence?
absence of sound?
silence !!!
Is it related with peace ??
silence !!!
Does it talk about a still mind??
silence !!!
Why do we need it??
what it does to us??
Is that not energy??
sound !!!
Is that not power??
sound !!!
Is that not life???
but silence in sound !!!
Is what a mind needs .
peace prevails
when sound and silence
when the mind looks
Through and above sound
And detects a silence
there exists bliss.!!
the eternity
of sound
hand in hand with silence.!!!

16 April, 2007

பலாப்பழ பாயசம்


1.பாலை நன்கு சுண்ட காய்ச்சவும்.
2.பலாச்சுளைகளை நெய்யில் வதக்கி லேசாகஅறைத்துக்கொள்ளவும்
3.வாணலியில் வெல்லம் கரையும் அளவு நீர் விட்டு கரைந்த பின் வடிகட்டி மேலும் சிறிது நீர் விட்டு கொஞ்சம் கொதித்த பின் பலாசுளைகளைச் சேர்த்து கலக்கவும்.
4.சேர்ந்து வந்ததும் காய்ச்சிய பால் சேர்த்து,ஏலம் முந்திரி திராட்ச்சை சேர்த்து பருகவும்.
இனிப்பான வருடம் ஆரம்பிக்கட்டும்.

04 April, 2007

oo pink i love thee

Colour colour what colour is a game we used to play in our childhood. In retrospect i realise it had been always pink for me;and is still so.
OO!! how do i love pink.i know i have quite a number of people who would second me.God created pink to make this world more beautiful.
Pink is for connosieurs;pink is for lovers;pink is for romatic hearts;pink is for bliss;and pink for all who love to live.
If any one would ask what can colour do??ask me .OO how my heart jumps as i encounter anything with that hue.
I can never be tired of buying pink dresses ;i feel all of them are made for me.
Can any one deny the refreshing taste of rose milk?? the goodness of milk in god sent hue?
Rose is a flower that God made as a gift to Godess;and the flower speaks volumes of beauty.
However upset u are, just grab a pink dress and drape around ;add a dash of pink to your cheeks and lips and voila here u are buoyant again.
Pink makes me forget my woes.It makes me float in the world of bliss,and its pink i love to wear on special occasions.
Every time i see a tiny weeny pink flower in a grass, i stop to thank God for making this world so beautiful with his lovely,generous supply of my favourite colour.
OO pink i do love thee,and do stay with me and around me and make this earth a worthier place to live.