22 April, 2007


(was just wondering)
What is silence?
absence of sound?
silence !!!
Is it related with peace ??
silence !!!
Does it talk about a still mind??
silence !!!
Why do we need it??
what it does to us??
Is that not energy??
sound !!!
Is that not power??
sound !!!
Is that not life???
but silence in sound !!!
Is what a mind needs .
peace prevails
when sound and silence
when the mind looks
Through and above sound
And detects a silence
there exists bliss.!!
the eternity
of sound
hand in hand with silence.!!!


Prabu said...

superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb but dont be silent with me :)

padma said...

ennala silenta irukka mudiyuma?? alai ooyinthal lol.

seahaven said...

Sure.. Mounam kooda oru mozhi thaan. Nee pesinal atharkku oru artham thaan. Anal unathu Mounathirko pala arthangal. Mounathirkku irukkum valimai ayudhangalukku kooda kidaiyathu. Mounathaal saathikka mudiyathathu ondrum illai. Wonderful poem. I liked it much.

padma said...

thanx sea for visiting. and thanx again for ur comments

Priya said...

Wow wat a wonderful thoughts about silence but amazing neegha post panni irrukurathu than..sonna madhri ungala la sirikamaiyum,paadamalum irruka mudiyama ME..lol..anyhow silence speaks with many of us..keeping silence will also relax us in many ways..sila neram naan oomaiya poranthu irruka kudathu'nukuda nenachi irruken..i love silence..but am a chatterbox..lolz

sanjay said...

Wow Padma.
I wanted to clap, clap and clap but do not know how to clap without making sound so that i do not break the silence. Sometimes, silence speaks volumes and sound creates chaos. So as you have correctly said "let silence and sound coexist for peace to prevail and we all have a silently sound mind.

இசக்கிமுத்து said...

It sounds nice!!!