13 October, 2007


We behold,
the moon,
that romantically
engulfs the earth
with cool rays.

we savour ,
the breeze ...
that carries
the sweet fragrance,
of flowers and memories.

we stand
enchanted ,
in the waves
that wash
our feet ....
murmuring a mystery.

we drench
in the rain,
that evokes
a yearning
so strong ......

And at last...
we close our eyes,
snuggling to each other..
we are,
only where we are ........

03 October, 2007

can we for ever?

we saw,we knew;
we talked,we reached;
can we for ever?

we shared,we cared;
we cried ,we smiled;
can we for ever?

we planned,we won;
we sang,we danced;
can we for ever?

we drove,we swam;
we dreamt,we drank;
can we for ever?

we touched,we kissed;
we loved,we lived;
can we for ever?

we wept,we left.
we think,we wish......
we can for ever!