20 June, 2009


This thorny little cactus ,
learned to believe,
from the day of germination;
That beauty detests it,and people shun it.
But it was the will of God ,
For the cactus to grow ,
And stand in the wild sun ,
Enduring its fate.

Surrounding it were roses,
Though with thorns ,were sought after,
For their fragrance and beauty.
Far away were jasmine,
Filling the place with sweetness

Here grew this thorny cactus,
With no one to water,
Or a willing hand to cater.

Slowly dripped its tears,
washing the feet of Lord,
The kindest Lord smiled at the plant
And bestowed His mercy at once...

Then sprang on cactus a lovely flower,
That the world has never ever has seen.
People thronged from far and near,
To Admire the beauty and capture the smell,
The Cactus had become a celebrity,
And now felt no more an orphan!

Now washed the feet of lord
The tears of happiness
That dripped from the,
Smiling, loving, blooming, cactus!


08 June, 2009

tuesdays with morrie

I have been reading this book since last Sunday.I should say rather living with and not reading,
because every other line in the book is thought provoking and makes u wonder about the way u live;not that there are enough people in our place to say what is life and what is worth to live for;still some times somethings catch your inner self and there u go into introspection.
Each and every line is worth an analysis ,but what really is running in my mind is a sentence"He gives like an adult but demands like a child"
what an observation?are we not all in a way craving to be a child ?but we hide our emotions to be called a matured person.
Don't we all need to cater to that child in us?
when are we really going to shed that hypocrisy and be happy to say that its normal to be open with our emotions?
well .the child waits .