11 March, 2008


The cold ruthless wind,
Rips away one by one,
All the leaves,
The cherished leaves,
And drive them
And sweep them away and away and away.
But like a savior
Falls a droplet
A raindrop
Decaying the leaves
Steering them to reach
as manure
The young branches
The treasured branches…..
And sprout as buds
And dance as leaves
Singing the song of love
Till another ruthless wind
Rips them apart…….
The hope remains….

08 March, 2008


  1. bread 4 slices.
  2. potatoes, boiled and smashed half cup
  3. carrots,beetroot,boiled and smashed half cup.
  4. capsicum green finely chopped.
  5. peas boiled ,half cup.
  6. tomato sauce half cup.
  7. onions finely chopped,half cup
  8. garam masala,two teaspoon.
  9. chilly one sliced
  10. salt to taste
Mix all boiled vegetables with bread dipped in water and squeezed.
Fry onions add garam masala chilly and mixed dough and cook for a minute.
Add salt to taste.
Make balls out of dough slightly flatten and shallow fry in oil.
Slightly fry capsicums add boiled peas and add tomato sauce to it ,add some water to make it a gravy.
Arrange the steaks in a plate and pour the gravy over them and serve them hot.