11 March, 2008


The cold ruthless wind,
Rips away one by one,
All the leaves,
The cherished leaves,
And drive them
And sweep them away and away and away.
But like a savior
Falls a droplet
A raindrop
Decaying the leaves
Steering them to reach
as manure
The young branches
The treasured branches…..
And sprout as buds
And dance as leaves
Singing the song of love
Till another ruthless wind
Rips them apart…….
The hope remains….


இசக்கிமுத்து said...

ரெம்ப நாளாச்சு உங்கள் கவிதையை படித்து!! தொடர்ந்து எழுதுங்கள் சகோதரி!!

Michelle Karunakaran said...

its the hope that makes us all bear the next ripping cold wind... hope buried deep within the soil, hidden within the secretest part of our roots... shhhh... lets not tell anyone the place...