17 March, 2007


I rise with hope in my eyes;
some where do i see a ray ;
i grope
to reach it.
A smile lingers;
the heart swells as i think
there might be a morrow.
The ray reaches;
The sweet heatfilling up my soul;
I stand transfixed,
watching me soar

I dream ,i will,I aspire;
one step i venture to take ,
I may not reach the sun
but might bask in it.

The sweet expectationsof a sunny world,
gives me strength;
And towards it i march
'coz i decide to win.


Cherry said...

A nice poem...u can lend more power to it by placing the pauses may be at the right places.

padma said...

thanx cherry.will try

Jagan said...

Good useful matters. Well keep it up

Jagan said...

well keep it up...