26 February, 2007

so here am i

well .now all our thoughts could be made public .its been my dream to blog and pronto here i am .
Always love to read and share what i read .Am just reading this novel by salma 'erandam jamangalin kathai' .To know about a community is very fine ,and it shows our rich culture.been dreaming, towrite about deekshidars of chidambaram .only a few families ;and the customs and travails they face and how commercial everything has become.
If bloging is just musings of a roaming mind nothing would be coherent .i think i must learn to categorise and then publish .well lemme stop with this and just pen a few verses .god save all.


duraivk said...


I like this Blog. Felt like open a pocket of treasure. Now I realised that the wealth is sea deep.


Durai v k

Aldrin John said...


second one (aging) is reality...really nice ....i m impressed!!!Do write more & more.. all the best!! (ME2)


padma said...

thanx eldrin .plz keep visiting

M Senthil said...

Its really great .. ME Mutlifaceted talent.. Voww. so impressive.. Thodarungal ungal passion to dream and write all that you feel... all the best ME :)

Cherry said...

Good anyway that you have started off.

Please tell me one thing..even I keep thinking about it.....suppose you write a poem or a story and then publish it here in your blog.......can you also send the same to a magazine company for publishing? I think they look for pure unpublished stuff anytime...

sriram said...

I am amazed at your choice of words. The choice of theme is good. I feel you should do a collection and publish the same. Hats off to you for your talent

Anonymous said...

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