26 February, 2007


Ageing!!!! are we not all scared of it ??look at the various products on sale and the way people try to hide the sign of aging!!
Gone are the days when age was a symbol of intelegence, wisdom ,and experience .All oldpersons were supposed to be mr/mrs know all
Now it is the rule of youth or thats what the middle aged people think!!!.they want to beat youngsters with their looks,style, thinking and what not?
.Aging!!!! is it a crime??i would love to become an old woman happily .just think about MS amma ,how she overpowered in her later years!!!!(was more in her youth)
More than women, men are scared of aging .i wonder has any one not told them that salt and pepper is the most favourite hair colour, and aging makes them look wiser!!!!! (god save for writing this).


Sanjeev Ramachandran said...

Age, as a visionary friend says, is just a number. The Salt and pepper combo is the best ever colour the almighty created. And one gets wiser and sexier with age. So aging is not a phenomenon to be feared. Anti-aging is just a corporate need and a means to shore up revenues and stock market performance. What say?

padma said...

hi sanjeev thanx for ur comments.ya products without results sell more..and u would vouch for pepper and salt coz u know why!!!thanx i appreciate ur patience .keep visiting .padma

Sridhar said...

If people want to correct their ageing by diet control, exercises, walking etc etc I am with them....it is with a positive attitude to look trim....but unatural means of correcting age is as u said does not carry any sense.....I am also a firm believer of living life the natural way...if hair are greying no problems, hair loss no problem. I want people to accept the way I am and look.

sanjay said...

Ageing? Am I worried about it?? Never, ever, as i am a teen ager at heart. Yes, a young heart, not an old physique, that counts. I am a person soon approaching, if i say in malayalam, "shashtipoorthi" (that is the 60 year mark which we celebrate)and I still feel young!! Is that srange? yes perhaps for some, I can't blame them for that. So, it is not the grey and pepper combo, or a nigger black hair, that decides age, but it is the mind, the heart, the attitude and approach towards life, that decides your age.. Dieting or other exercises are futile and just a waste of taste and time as the only advantage of that is one dies healthy. Nothing more or nothing less than that. God Almighty has given us a life span here on this earth and who are we challenge the fate? One day we have to go to the heavenly abode, age does not matter there as he calls back those whom he likes most irrespective of their age, which as for me, is indigestible to all logics and common sense. Well I am proud to be old physically, but i will fight to remain young at heart. I am not worried about leaving this beautiful universe, though it is the wish of everyone to be here as long as possible.. I now remember a poem of famous malayalam poet Vayalar Rama Varma who wrote "ee manohara theerathu tharumo iniyoru janmam koodi, enikiniyouru janmam koodi". I hope Padma knows the meaning of these words. So live your life without worrying about your age.. we live only once and if we live it nicely even once is more than enough..


Anonymous said...

Well, The real reason why people try to hide their age is that they can never be a child again. They are supposed to act mature. No running, jumping, shouting ! The society is against it. Old people are supposed to sit in a corner and do some knitting work ( according to Society).