20 August, 2014

i am back to stay....

Its been really 2 years since i have written anything here...now am determined that i should write at least 500 words each day.(courtesy biswanath ghosh ) but sadly his blog too was visited by him 3 years back...but he has released 2 books,another one ready to be launched next month.But am here contemplating if i could make writing my habit...well it needs a lot of compromises within myself and it so happened that today is the day..

we all wish that our blog to be visited ,read,and commented upon ..but now i think padma start doing thy duty, the fruits might come later..i hope so..
i am not very sure about what i should write,but i have been seriously asking whether i should have been a literature student.. in fact i did sign for a PG course,for want of a good teacher the course remains incomplete.

The other day i happened to read a book about a waitress who has this special penchant for literature..and everyone calls her weird ..but a professor who comes for a snack discovers her and from there starts their love story...finding someone who appreciates what u read is real lucky (sigh) lovely fantasy.

Talking about fantasies ,i do not know why people relate it always with carnal pleasures ...for me fantasy is a higher form of dreaming and don't they drive us to achieve?If someone is reading this think about it and if possible put down your views too..

There was a funny application in face book today ...that how we might die has become old fashioned and what the Google tells about you is in .I was not surprised to read this

"Padma is an original and determined by nature also has an exceptional ability to turn theories into realities.usually works on long range ideas"

wow...i am original ...ofcourse i am ..am not a duplicate or a clone..

 Determined by nature...well what was determined? of course my sex should have been determined by nature ..no second thoughts on it ..if I am going to be a person with determination...ya I shall admit ..that I have come back here to write again shows my determination..and if i might remain the same will be proved tomorrow .so u have to visit here to disprove google..

has exceptional ability to turn theories into realities..
This i myself doubt...let me recollect what theories i may know or remember from childhood and turning them into realities huh! lots of responsibility!!

and usualy works on long range ideas..
do i? well i may  or may not but let us assume google might not lie..will it?

so thats it .just started and kept blabbering,but everything needs a first step.is it not? while typing all the above i kept dreaming about my blog becoming the best most read and i am being nominated for some award .....no no no am not greedy..but it was the google which said


good luck padma :)

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ஜீவ கரிகாலன் said...

//u have to visit here to disprove google..//

interesting thought.. one more reader joinded today