14 January, 2008


So it must be a dream
I reminisce …..
In all veracity..
Or was it an actuality?
I believed must be a dream?

When the day was filled with trance …..
Lovely visions of you
Filling my heart!
Was it you whom that I saw
At the threshold
Peeping and leaving
Not willing
To disrupt my reverie…..

Oh what an experience
It might be!
To be roused by the dream
When you recline
Dreaming of the dream!!

When you hereafter steal a look
At my door…
Do call my name …
For I would then
Positively believe…
That dreams do come true…...


sanjay said...
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Anonymous said...

Padma, you have a flair for narrating thoughts.

You phew life into your poem… I wish I could write like you do.

For once, I felt it was me who did not wish to disrupt your reverie

Thanks for such a wonderful piece of art... You’ve given superb colors.

Keep up the good work!


Ramadas said...

Nice please post regularly. Comment is from Ramadas Mannattil.

quest4gold said...

REVERIE has proved yet again that you just don't dream but weave it in words.
The thoughts that you have been flowing makes me think that you are storing it in a dam.
Please don't store it just allow it to flood to enable many hearts (those who can't put their heart to-gether)like me to get drowned.

A V DINESH RAO said...

comment from someone with a poetry blog of and order as yours will be deemed highly.. m truly inspired by ur the content of ur blog to write more...

thank u mam..

Michelle Karunakaran said...