03 October, 2007

can we for ever?

we saw,we knew;
we talked,we reached;
can we for ever?

we shared,we cared;
we cried ,we smiled;
can we for ever?

we planned,we won;
we sang,we danced;
can we for ever?

we drove,we swam;
we dreamt,we drank;
can we for ever?

we touched,we kissed;
we loved,we lived;
can we for ever?

we wept,we left.
we think,we wish......
we can for ever!


sanjay said...

This time the pregnancy period has been almost 3 months since the last post to deliver this beautiful baby. It is criminal negligence on your part to keep us waiting that long Padma. :)

The poem ends with an optimistic thought "we wish we can for ever". I am optimistic too that with all that "WE" in the poem did, that wish will be fulfilled.


bala said...

You narrate impermanance all the way to the details. But finally you conclude to the contrary. rather i couldn't comprehend?

padma said...

its a wish bala.only a wish.and thanx for ur comments

Michelle Karunakaran said...